Pakistan and Afghanistan have close and historic relations: ISPR

Peace in Pakistan is not possible without peace in Afghanistan, said Pakistan’s Foreign Office earlier.

The allegations that Pakistan has not supported the Afghan peace process sincerely, is not true. We have acted against all militant groups, including the Taliban, indiscriminately, said Aziz Choudary.

“Our efforts to establish peace and security in Afghanistan will continue,” added Aziz.

The peace efforts led by Pakistan, Afghanistan, the United States and China had stalled a month ago when Afghan President Ashraf Ghani criticized Pakistan for not doing enough to tackle the Afghan Taliban which he believes are based in Pakistan; Pakistan, however, denies these allegations.

The United States has also stressed that Pakistan needs to act against some groups which it believes were spared in the military operation. The US has blocked the sale of F-16 jets to Pakistan for not acting against the Haqqani network. Pakistan, however, says that it has acted indiscriminately  against all militant groups.

Pakistan’s foreign office further stressed that questioning our commitment to Afghan peace process is unfortunate. “We have given shelter to more than 2 million Afghan refugees,” Aziz added further.

There are hopes that the stalled Afghan peace process may resume again. Yesterday, the four country group again vowed to take the peace process forward. The positive indication In this regard is the willingness of the Afghan government to take part in these talks.

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